Silverton, Oregon

Substance use and the Nuances of Rehabilitation

Substance addiction is an issue facing our whole society. Drug use is a problem of poor health, personal tumult, financial loss, irresponsibility, and legal trouble. Issues related to drug use can only be prevented by getting our country off their dependence on drugs.

For this reason, drug rehab centers play a vital role in providing individuals with addiction recovery programs designed to deliver sustainable sobriety. After an effective drug rehabilitation program, clients can have the chance to lead a normal and acceptable life.

Our addiction treatment center in Silverton, Oregon provides a caring and effective addiction recovery program by providing comprehensive and personalized treatment with the following perks:

  1. Accreditation

    A credible addiction recovery center is accredited by the relevant authorities. Our Silverton addiction recovery facility is certified and provides essential rehabilitation services while employing qualified and licensed staff.

    Quality service providers are always ready to present the accreditation information during your consultation and on our website.

  2. Customized Treatment Programs

    Recovery programs designed to address the needs of each client

    Substance addiction varies depending on the type of substance abused. In most cases, even people who abuse the same drug will differ in symptoms. For this reason, an addiction treatment center should carry out an assessment and evaluation procedure to help in designing a rehabilitation program that addresses the unique needs of each client.

  3. Safe environment

    Drug rehabilitation is not a simple task. Clients undergoing the arduous journey will go through stressful and emotionally strenuous sessions. Sometimes, other clients may be easily irritable.

    For this reason, our Silverton addiction treatment facility ensures that each client is kept safe and comfortable during the recovery period. A peaceful environment supports clients in their sober lifestyle.

  4. Variety of support activities

    Our sustainable rehabilitation program in Silverton offers various steps designed to achieve sobriety. Some of the critical stages used in a rehabilitation program include:

    • Supervised detoxification is intended to reduce withdrawal symptoms that arise from the sudden stop of substance use. Suddenly stopping the use of drugs can lead to unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, our drug detox clinic in Silverton supervises clients to minimize the chances of compromising recovery.
    • Mental disorders and other health problems are associated with and trigger drug addiction. Similarly, drug addiction is known to cause some psychological disorders. This implies that a sound addiction recovery program has to address the two issues concurrently with dual diagnosis mental health treatment.
    • After a successful drug rehabilitation program, the client will join the wider community. Clients will start a new lifestyle of sobriety. For this reason, our Silverton addiction recovery facility is keen to instill life skills that will help clients cope with their new way of life.
    • A client will face various challenges after completing a recovery program. They will have to change their perception of life, avoid bad company, look for a job, and reconcile with members of their family. The new lifestyle may be challenging, and every client will deal with cravings and triggers. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Silverton supports clients in their quest to transition back into society.
    • Client-client community

      One of the ways that relapse can be managed is through client support services. A support group consisting of clients going through similar challenges is used to encourage each other towards a successful sobriety. A support group has like-minded individuals whose principal aim is to lead a sober and meaningful life.

      After quitting substance use, clients will enjoy good relationships and lead a healthy life. Moreover, the client will be in a position to take up different social and economic responsibilities by working for a living and using their resources wisely. Change your life today, call us for a free consultation.