Northside Drug Addiction Rehabilitation is here for you.

It has become undeniable: no matter what their economic or social background, individuals from all walks of life are susceptible to the growing addiction epidemic.

It can be difficult to admit that you have a problem with substance abuse, but once you have come to terms with the truth, you will be in a position to begin working passed your reliance on drugs or alcohol. If you’re prepared to move beyond your addiction, one of the advantages you can provide for yourself is enrolling at a drug rehab clinic.

For some individuals, it can be tempting to try to overcome addiction independently. No matter what your particular situation may be, a substance abuse treatment facility can help you get the tools you need to begin your journey towards recovery. Our caring staff is available around the clock to provide you with care and comfort to ensure that you are in the safest possible environment during recovery. Attempting to go it alone can be dangerous, it may make you vulnerable to the consequences of detoxification or the threat of relapse. Instead of refusing help, considering relying on the care of our experienced and capable staff.

Our Services

At each of our addiction recovery facilities, we provide a full regimen of therapeutic strategies. From individual counseling sessions to group therapy, we have a wide variety of treatments in order to ensure that we can provide the best possible care no matter what a client’s unique situation is.

One of the many treatments we provide at our substance abuse treatment centers is dual diagnosis mental health treatment. For applicable clients, dual diagnosis is one of the most effective therapeutic strategies available. Roughly half of our clients come to us not only struggling with addiction, but with a co-occurring mental health disorder as well. In some instances, they may not even be aware of the mental disorder. However, simply treating the addiction without treating the mental issue can lead to ineffective treatment and relapse because a co-occurring disorder contributes to an individual’s substance abuse. Through dual diagnosis treatment, we are able to diagnose co-occurring mental health disorders and provide treatment for them at the same time, providing clients with every possible advantage in attaining sobriety.